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We act global operate local and think individual. We streamline and optimise yoiur business needs for, financial, technical and operational aspects between hardware manufacturers, (MVNO) Operators, service providers and end-users.

multi operator, multi sim format, multi profile

Least cost business rules for cheapest network
By utilizing our eUICC SIM and the continuous growing portfolio of IMSIs, our subscription manager platform automatically monitors the location of the SIM card, enableling the registration to the cheapest available network. Least cost management is enabled by (overt-the-air) configurations of your business rules within the subscription manager which holds your best rates for data connections.

Our focus is on mobile data, worldwide access and collaboration with our customers. Since we bundle all volumes of our customers, we can negotiate best on your behalf. Your existing contracts with Telco's can be incorporated in our subscription management and profile portfolio.

Data, Voice and SMS
The subscriptions can be for data only and/or can support voice, SMS and data. Wholesale data bundles are also available.
GENIOX Mobile part of GENIOX Group Holding BV
One-stop-shop for mobile connectivity through specialized subsidiary

Wholesale Data for MNO’s and MVNO’s, worldwide coverage through multiple networks optional combined with eUICC SIMs.
Managed Services for Broadcast & Media, Maritime, Jet planes and Security industries making use of the GENIOX Group products, technology and sourcing.

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