As part of the rebranding process that Skymond Group businesses are undergoing, we are pleased to announce that Skymond will be renamed to Geniox after operating as Skymond for over three years. The decision to rebrand follows research conducted with our customers and partners from around the world.
Many of you told us that a unified brand strategy using one brand name is the best way to communicate that we are a seamless organization with unmatched product breadth and geographic reach.

We also believe that by marketing our services under a new powerful brand we will have even greater marketplace impact and become a much stronger player in the IoT and connectivity industries.

As a result we will be able to provide even more value to you and all of our stakeholders. Once we make the change, you will see the Geniox brand introduced in our IoT Portal, advertising, marketing materials, invoicing and signage.

This is an exciting time for Skymond. The rebranding effort builds on many improvements we have made to our business these past years. This continuing evolution builds a company whose value to you, as our partner, increases by the day.

As a valued partner, we wish to assure you that all current agreements that you have with Skymond will remain fully valid and continue to be honored by Geniox.
The name change does not affect the legal personality of the existing entity which retains its rights and obligations in all existing legal relationships with third parties.

Given that all agreements signed under the Skymond brand and logo remain valid for the term of the contract, Skymond will not ask you to sign a new agreement.
It nevertheless remains part of our communication strategy to maintain transparency and to keep clients and stakeholders fully apprised of developments around the name change process. We appreciate your continued confidence in us and your support.
Etienne Marijnissen, Founder and President and Jorge Rovira, Co-Founder and Managing Partners at GENIOX.

About GENIOX Mobile 
GENIOX Mobile, a global connectivity solutions provider for the broadcasting, marine and private jet-planes market, part of GENIOX Group offers customers around the world one stop shopping for the highest possible flexibility in deploying mobile connectivity from Machine to Machine while realizing utmost quality of service through a growing network of specialized local service providers.
GENIOX Group offers wholesale data through GENIOX Mobile as well as the eUICC SIM' and the Subscription Manager platform
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Skymond Mobile, a global connectivity solution provider for the broadcasting industry and Valid, the innovative eSIM solution provider today announced their partnership to deliver seamless LTE Connectivity Enablement to Tier 1 Media broadcasters. This partnership provides eSIM technology, making LTE connectivity and subscription management easier for broadcasters. The companies will showcase this industry-first initiative during Mobile World Congress, which takes place on February 26th - March 1st in Barcelona, Spain.
The partnership leverages Skymond Connectivity Solution based on a multi-modem broadband backpack with a GSMA-compliant Valid’s mioSIM® embedded SIM and Valid eReach Subscription Management solution. Valid eSIM solution allows Skymond´s customers to remotely download SIM profiles over the air. This eases the remote provisioning process as well as local mobile operator (MNO) selection without the need of changing SIM physically on the backpack modems. The companies have successfully tested and demonstrated MNO profiles swap procedure in Europe to allow a more reliable LTE local connectivity by improving connection speed, lowering latency while reducing costs significantly for large amounts of data transfer.

“The relationship between our companies simplifies connectivity issues for our customers by one stop shopping. Valid eSIM solution allows broadcasters to have a more predictable connectivity cost plan as well as best reliability of connectivity while on the go”, said Etienne Marijnissen, CEO of Skymond Mobile, part of Skymond Group.
“It is a real pleasure for Valid to partner Skymond Mobile. Together, we have been able to provide a unique eSIM use case proving that the eSIM ecosystem is suitable and beneficial for a vast range of IoT applications. The integration between Skymond’s solution, Valid’s eUICC & Subscription Management technology will enable Broadcasters to focus on their core business without worrying about connectivity related issues” said Carlos Affonso S. d’Albuquerque, CEO of Valid.

The announced partnership already resulted in the feature where the eUICC SIM has an on-board Quality of Service monitoring app which triggers seamless switching to the best available network, guaranteeing highest possible continuous connection quality.
In the Broadcast industry WMT transmissions using bonded mobile connections are becoming increasingly popular to replace satellite uplinks. The opportunity to have high quality connectivity with genuine diversity on one SIM, enabled by the eUICC SIM and the Subscription Manager platform is boosting the usage of mobile connectivity for (live) transmissions even more. Major networks have tested the functionality (up to mobile units in vehicles and helicopters) and are rapidly migrating towards the eUICC SIM’s of Skymond Mobile and Valid. In the Netherlands the upcoming local elections in March will be covered live for national broadcast with over 15 mobile units simultaneously (120 bonded SIM’s, 45GB/hour).
About Valid
Valid (BM&FBOVESPA: VLID3 ON), is a global company with more than 60 years of operation and a wide portfolio of technological secure solutions for the financial and banking markets, mobile industry, people identification, objects and transactions, data management, Internet of Things (IoT) and Track & Trace. Valid has 6,000 employees, offices in 16 countries and achieved revenues of USD 537 million in 2016. Today, the company has more than 60% market share of the identification documents issued in Brazil, is among the 10 largest banking card companies globally and the 5th largest producer of SIM Cards in the world. Valid's activities consider the particularities of each region and culture to create customized and integrated solutions for its customers. To learn more, visit

About Skymond Mobile 
Skymond Mobile, a global connectivity solutions provider for the broadcasting, marine and private jet-planes market, part of Skymond Group offers customers around the world one stop shopping for the highest possible flexibility in deploying mobile connectivity from Machine to Machine while realizing utmost quality of service through a growing network of specialized local service providers.
Skymond Group offers wholesale data through Skymond Mobile as well as the eUICC SIM's. The Subscription Manager platform is available from Skymond Technology and full managed services are provided by Districonnect, all part of Skymond Group. To learn more, visit
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Skymond PR Department
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