Subscription Manager

Subscription manager and eUICC sim card

Customers sourcing their needs at different Operators, for redundancy and lock-in prevention, normally have half the sourcing power towards the individual supplier, while their operational efficiency won’t reach the full potential.

Customers sourcing with a single Operator often benefit better pricing based on total volumes; although cannot act as flexible as they might wish for from time to time.
Mobile Operators put much effort in keeping their customer; however for customers travelling globally they may not be able to offer the desired quality of service with a single SIM solution. This is why we work with multiple Mobile Operators on one SIM, enabling for each of them the best relation with the customer depending on place, time and requirements.

In the ideal world everybody has freedom of choice with best quality of service, optimal rates and low additional internal- and external costs.
Go for the eUICC SIM, NOW available @ Skymond Mobile


Jump free - go for our eUICC SIM:
• One SIM, multiple profiles, multiple networks, never swap over the air configuration, etc.
• More than 200 countries in the world with multiple networks per country
• One bundle out of which usage on different networks is covered
• One administration
• Rates based on total volumes, not only yours

The SIM is the device which authenticates to the telco and as such assigns the type of connectivity : the profile. The introduction of the eUICC SIM separates the physical SIM from the profile. Think of an already existing- future of a SIM being embedded (as software) in a device by the manufacturer of that specific device.
The eUICC SIM is becoming the standard (it has been aproved by the GSMA); Skymond Mobile can supply you today.

The eUICC SIM Card is available, as one of the first, with Skymond Mobile!
You won’t have to change the SIM cards anymore and experience less distribution costs, less support issues and more continuity in all services.

Easy Subscription Management Over the Air
The Subscription Manager bridges the gap between the global demands of end users and the local services of operators. Dynamically changing profiles offers end users substantial strategically advantages.- Elimination of exchanging SIM's for configuration and/or subscription reasons
- Customer has control over selection of connectivity partner and its costs
- Introducing 'interoperability', which enables adding and deleting unique operator profiles to the eUICC SIM
- No difficult and delayed integrations, only the API for billing
- Customers can select their preferred PLMN list

Technical and Operational Benefits
- APIs, browsers, Internet connectivity, M2M, interfaces for high speed and NFCas well as remote management
- Two different IMSI active in one country with fall back
- No extended latencies because there is no roaming with international IMSI's.
- Connecion to all local MNO's around the world
- When in roaming partners are preferred roaming partners from the specific telecoms zone
- Subscription Manager based contracts are always competitive because there are no 'roaming partner' chains involved
- This influences both pricing and agreement complexity
- If connectivity is broken a new profile can be assigned via Wifi within 1 minute
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Skymond Mobile
Wholesale Data for MNO’s and MVNO’s, worldwide coverage through multiple networks optional combined with eUICC SIMs.
Managed Services for Broadcast & Media, Marine, Jet planes and Security industries making use of the Skymond Group products, technology and sourcing.

Skymond Technology
Products, Platforms, Technology Solutions for Telecom, Broadcast & Media, Aviation and Security industries. It’s strong portfolio consists of eUICC SIM technology, Subscription Manager, OTA server and smart-phone apps. As uniquely assigned market aggregator it has high valuable strategic support from one of the market leading SIM manufacturer: Valid.

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